southern life

If you've never been down South, you definitely don't know what your missing!  It's a glorious place to be!

We lived in Georgia for 5 years, so I thought I would put together a page to help you learn the lingo.  Here you will learn what some of our words and sayin's mean.  If you need help pronouncin' anythin', just drop me a line!

Fish or cut bait  -- Get to work or move out of the way for someone who will. 
Y'all come back soon, y'heah?
I won't have it! 
Just a whistlin' Dixie
Finer than frog hair -- mighty fine!
Good Lord willin' and the crik don't rise
Bless yer heart!
Well, shut my mouth! -- speechless
Slap yer momma  -- when the something is really good, it makes you want to "slap yer momma".
Better mind me good
Y'all come back
Hankerin' for sweet tea
Hallelujah and pass the cornbread!
I wasn't born in the South, but I got here as quick as I could!
Eatin' goober peas
Gooder than grits -- real good
In these here parts
Country as a bowl of grits
Country as cornflakes
Where y'all from?
Fit to be tied
Like a chicken with it's head cut off. -- Utter confusion
Well, butter my biscuit! -- Isn't that something!
It's hotter out here than 2 goats in a pepper patch! -- pretty hot!
She'd argue with a fence post! -- In other words....stubborn!
He gives me the heebie jeebies. -- well, you get the idea :)
She shore acts above her raisin'. -- rather snobish
We was just a chewin' the fat. -- talking up a storm...usually about nothing in particular.
I declare! -- usually said when there is nothing else to say.
I ain't seen nothin' like that in a coon's age! -- a really long time
Like white on rice. --  two things that always go together. {other rice is not eaten in the south except by those tryin' to live above their raisin'.}
In high cotton -- rising up in society
For cryin' out loud!  -- Good grief!
Fixinto is one word -- "I'm fixinto go to the store."
It's not a shopping's a buggy.