Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Life & Times of Temporary Nomads

The last few weeks have been a very exciting part of our lives. We are presently seeking God’s calling for our next church. God has led us to the South and we feel right at home.

What makes this exciting, and intimidating, is that we are looking for God’s will for the rest of our lives. While God has called us to the South in which to pastor a Southern church, He is also calling us to find the place in which to plant roots for generations to come. We are not looking for God’s temporary placement, but Lord willing, a permanent placement.

So, there are many things involved including where our children will finish being raised, marry, and begin families of their own. It also includes planting our ministry, Baptist Vision, in a solid church from which to work and grow as well.

There is a lot to consider and a lot at stake making it exciting but also nerve-racking. But God has blessed us in this process.

We have had a lot of contact with prospective churches and we are now being considered by several so far.

Our first adventure took us to Dickson, Tennessee and Maple Grove Baptist Church. We had the opportunity to preach in the Sunday morning and evening services and to play and sing also. Our family has begun to play music together and it has been a blessing to our family. Sonya (my wife) has a beautiful singing voice and several of our children are showing strong promise in that area as well.

We stayed the weekend with the Turners and enjoyed a wonderful time of fellowship and fun. Many of their family and friends came over and Sunday evening after church we played music and sang till after midnight. It was a blast.

Next, we were at Macedonia Baptist Church in Dalton, Georgia approximately 7 miles from our home. It was a very intense day as we preached in the morning service and met with a couple men from the search committee that afternoon. After preaching in the evening service it was followed by another interview with the search committee.

We had wonderful services and enjoyed the people tremendously. God has blessed them with beautiful facilities that would make any preachers eyes light up. Especially country folks like us!

The following weekend we headed off to Cullman, Alabama. That’s right, Roy Moore country. A few years ago I was in Montgomery for the Roy Moore/10 Commandments event and fell in love with that part of the country. It has a rich conservative heritage and beautiful scenery.
Although we had just went to Mission Grove Baptist Church for an interview on Sunday afternoon they were gracious enough to have Sonya sing and me preach that evening. We had another great and positive service and, Lord willing, we will be going back to sing and preach September 9th. Please keep this in your prayers as we were very impressed with the area and the church.

September 2nd, we will be in Sylvania, Georgia although we are awaiting word to make sure it all comes together. It is another exciting opportunity that God has opened for us.

We have been very blessed by God. He continually supplies our needs and sustain us. My health remains the same but God continually gives enough grace to see me through. God has given me great clarity of mind in all the places we have preached at and His Spirit has moved in all the services. We are humbled by His grace and mercy on our lives and give Him all the praise for the things which have been accomplished.

The experiences of this transformation have at times been trying but we are having a blast as we nervously, but confidently, watch God work.

“For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.” -Philippians 2:13


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