Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Today as I was surfing the internet, checking out all the news and everything that is going on in the world, I read an article about the Christian music group BarlowGirl. With all the so-called “role models” for our girls to look up to, there are those still out there who are trying to set the example that God would have them to be. It was refreshing to hear that they are not conforming to this world and it’s culture, but are setting godly standards for the younger generation to follow. On their web site they are quoted as saying, "In a world that constantly bombards us with impurity and immodesty, we feel called to take a stand against what the world is telling us is acceptable. Especially in the area of clothing and modesty." It is so important that we give our children an alternative to the pop culture of today , one that is focused on putting God first, and not compromising the truth. There are several that I recommend including Krystal Meyers, Joy Williams, Casting Crowns, just to name a few. That needs to be the motto of our lives-- God first, no matter what! Is what we are doing bringing honor and glory to Him, or are we promoting self and falling into this generation that says, “It’s all about ME.” Let us be the generation that stands for God first ~ that it is all about Him ~ and never cave in to the pressure that the world puts on us or our children to have to be like the world. God has set us apart as His children to be a peculiar people, non-conformists! Let’s live like it!
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