Sunday, August 26, 2007

So Easy a Baptist Could Do It

We had a wonderful day in the house of the Lord today! It was our first Sunday back at Unity Baptist in about a month. God is so good!! He has blessed us with many friends from Unity, and it was good to worshp with them today! Bro. Larry preached a message on "The Voice of One" and it was about John the Baptist. When he was talking about him in the sermon, I got a mental picture of what John may have looked like and can you imagine him in 2007? This wild looking man wearing camels hair, with a big wide belt, he would probably be laughed and scorned at by even many Christians! But he was the forerunner of Christ to prepare the way of the Lord!! The Holy Spirit entered him in his mother's womb! What an awesome position this "wild" man had! I like to think he would be a pretty cool guy! He definitely would be a man with no insecurites!! Who knows, they might could have used him on the Geico commercials!

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