Friday, August 31, 2007

Sylvania or Bust

Tomorrow we will be heading to Sylvania, Georgia to candidate for a pastor search committee. I will be preaching Sunday morning and am excited about the great opportunity. Sylvania is about 5 hours southeast of where we live so we will get to enjoy another long trip. The good news is that we just got Casting Crowns new CD so I am sure we will wear it out.

Lord willing, on Monday we are going to take the kids to see the ocean. Sylvania is not too far away from Savannah, Georgia so the ocean will excite the kids (and Sonya) while Savannah’s rich history will catch my interest.

Please keep our trip in your prayers, not only for our safety but also for God’s will to be done. Our sole desire is God’s will but we are also eager to know the church God is called us to. We are ready to get to work in many areas of ministry and feel like we are lacking a huge part of our lives. I don’t do limbo well!

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