Thursday, September 6, 2007

Modesty DOES Matter

I came across an article on crosswalk today that especially caught my attention. It's called Fashion Rebels: Modeling for Modesty. If you are a concerned parent that abhors the fashion statement of today, then it is a must read! He promotes a group called Pure Fashion, and their guidelines and rules for modesty are awesome! They are a Catholic group, but their efforts are to be commended. We definitely need more groups like this one who will give our children a godly alternative to what is being taught in our culture today. We need more Christians who will get involved in raising up godly children, instead of hiding their heads in the sand or excusing their child's behavior as "just a phase". Please be one who will stand true to what is godly and right. Make godly standards in your life and for your children. They will thank you for it some day. And remember, it is possible to be trendy yet still be modest!

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