Thursday, October 22, 2009

Adventure at High Falls

grace 011I know, I know….long time, no write!!  Things are just now starting to get back to normal around the Brown house…whatever normal is….since Liberty has been born.  A lot has happened over the course of 2 months as well.  One of the best things, Devin and my sister Lucy and their family moved down here!!  It has been such Family visit 3941a blessing!  Then my mom, mother-in-law, and sister-in-law came for a visit….which didn’t last long enough in my opinion!   Hopefully they can come again real soon and stay longer *hint, hint*.  (and anyone else that would like to come too) *another hint*

We went to High Falls 100High Falls State Park yesterday….only 20 minutes from us….and wow! is it beautiful!   At least it was to me.  We had a great time as a family, no rush, just good ole’ family fun!  I love to see the beautiful works of God’s creation, and this place is one of them.  We also took a nature hike through the woods…it was a blast!   At one point we stepped over a small creek and who else but Reb would step in the water after I had just told the girls not to.  He looked back at Maggie and High Falls 190said, “Yeah, Maggie, I can cause I’m a boy”, and he said it with  upmost sincerity!!  That’s our boy!  But being the only boy amongst 7 sisters, you’ve got to cut him some slack….he needs a few privileges that the girls don’t get!!

I know, I can’t end this post without some kind of update on Liberty….well what can I say….she is fat!  And I mean that with all motherly sincerity, (kinda like Reb) she really is, but the good thing is, she is an adorable little baby girl who is happy about it too!  High Falls 318-1 You can talk sweet, little, fat, baby talk to her and she loves it!  She is such a blessing to our family!  When I thought my dreams of ever having anymore babies were over, God knew just the right time and moment to send us the most beautiful baby girl!  We love you Liberty!!

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  1. I am now a follower of your blog. I didn't realize you all weren't living in Indiana.