Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Week in Review...

Well, we had a great Thanksgiving...our first in Barnesville, and our first with the Maddox's.  I am so thankful beyond words for what God has done in our lives.  In so many the song says, "Thank You LORD, for Your Blessings on Me."

Wondering what to do with your leftover turkey?  Here is what we did for our Sunday dinner... Turkey Stew.  I also added sausage for a uniquely different flavor!

We started Advent on Sunday as well.  (I ask again...where has the time gone?)   We had a good service.  I am glad we can place our hope in the Good Shepherd, our Savior Jesus Christ!

Monday we put up the Christmas Tree.  That is always a delight to the children.  James has them line up and they each take turns putting ornaments on the tree.  (I only had to rearrange a couple of them this year...LOL)  It looks pretty....I love a Christmas Trees!
Over all it has been a busy week, but what week isn't!!

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