Saturday, March 13, 2010

It's the simple things in life...

Don't you just love the simple things in life?  Warm laundry straight from the dryer, the smell of a fresh clean house, the sound of crickets on a peaceful night, the inviting aroma of butter popcorn, coffee on a cool morning, (or any morning for that matter) grass as it turns from its dingy shade of brown to a lovely spring shade of green, walking in that *spring shade of green grass* in flip-flops!  I like what a friend of mine put as their Facebook status the other day, "flip-flops, how I have missed you!"  I'm a flip-flops kind of gal myself, and I found this awesome tutorial on Make it and Love it's blog, and I can't wait to make some!  They are the cutest things since.....the last thing I said was cute!  ( a little bit of Tim Hawkins jargon for ya ;)  Anyway, hop right over there and check out these adorable flip-flops, I'm sure you'll want to make some yourself!

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