Friday, March 19, 2010

A little bit of fun!

We enjoyed some wonderful weather today!  We spent most of the afternoon soaking it up outdoors.  So of course I can't post only 1 photo, it is Friday's funny photo(s)!

This one is of Katie....what she was doing I do not know.... but it was funny watching her running towards me acting goofy :)

And this one isn't "funny" per say, but it was funny to me that Liberty was enjoying her "ride"  ♥

This next one is the funny little frog princess... one of the girls put this frog blanket thingy on Liberty's head and she kept showing off.  She liked it on her head.

And this last one was just too cute to pass up!  Liberty was sitting in her stroller just enjoying the sunshine!

Okay, they weren't real funny..... you just had to be there!

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