Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ordinary thankfulness...

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day! Plenty of sunshine, NO humidity, and just the perfect temperature! I took the kids outside for some of their school today, and we sat and read for over an hour, (it went by surprisingly fast!) then we had a picnic lunch out under a shade tree. I am SO thankful I can have my kids home with me each and every day! Even on days that aren't so "good", I am still thankful for this blessing. After lunch they ran off some pent-up energy, while some of us mowed the grass. I won't mention the fact that I was wearing my capris and should have been wearing pants, and therefore something was thrown from the push mower while I was mowing and it hit me below my knee...needless to say, it hurt...and bled too. But, I'm fine, and I continued to mow. I am thankful for the blessings of ordinary days... more thankful than I can say.

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  1. What a sweet post - except for your bleeding knee that is.