Friday, April 16, 2010

Stone Mountain Adventure!

Today we took a trip up to Stone Mountain! (thanks for the invite, dear sister!!) We have wanted to go there for some time now, but just hadn't committed ourselves to it. It was definitely an experience I will never forget.... at least I hope I don't. For one reason, we had a blast! The mountain is beautiful and once you are on top, the view is spectacular! And for #2, there are 2 ways of reaching the top... you can go by sky tram or you can walk. Adventurous amateurs that we are...(and I do speak for my self, thank you ) we chose the latter. It was definitely a hike, to say the least! My legs decided they didn't want any part of it about half way up... I have never experienced anything like it before. To put it bluntly, I am sorely out of shape!! But to spare you the details, we had a great time! Now I know why I you can buy coin boxes in the gift shop... so that you can save up your money to ride the sky tram next time you visit! If you would like to see a few pictures of our visit (and I do mean "few"...I didn't take as many as I would have liked) you can view them on my facebook album

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