Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Beautiful Poem...

Their Love Grows Stronger With Each Passing Day
Written by Rachel Brown (our oldest daughter)

Upon the alter they both kneel,
their wedding vows they soon will seal.

Their troth and love are tightly bound,
with a small and tiny whispering sound.

Upon the Bride's cheeks the tears now glisten;
close together, side-by-side, their hearts to each other listen.

They covenant together for a life that will ne'er end;
their true love to others they will never lend.

Hands clasped together tightly,
they do not take their devotion lightly.

Praying, the minister bows his head,
for God to bless this couple in the years ahead.

Trials will come upon the way,
but love must rule heartily without delay.

Their dependence and trust God holds in His hand;
both hearts are knit together in an iron-clad band.

Now the years have flown away;
their love grows stronger with each passing day.

Children romp in the home built of love;
it was established by God in the heavens above.

Man and Wife they both still be;
God's light they've shown for all to see.

Together they'll grow old and gray;
both hearts the love price they still will pay.

When wrinkles come, and bones begin to ache,
they'll love each other more for each one's dear sake.

Finally, when the old years have entered,
on love they both will still be centered.

Fresh and young they both once were;
together they are united in God's love sure.

But as the young years die away,
their love still grows stronger will each passing day.

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