Tuesday, June 8, 2010


We woke up Sunday morning to a surprise under our porch steps....Kittens!  We weren't even sure our cat was pregnant, so.... nothing like a good ole' surprise!  She had 4, 2 black and 2 orange.  The kids sure are delighted!  Babies of all kinds always bring excitement, almost always... :)

On to other news, another birthday is approaching, only this time, it's mine.  It's hard to get too excited about turning another year older.  Wouldn't it be nice to stay 29??  It was hard for me when I turned 30, and THAT was 5 years ago....I still don't think I've gotten over it! 

On to the best news....we are done with school for the summer!!!  YAY!  We don't have any major plans for the summer, but it is nice to take a break for a while.  And we are looking forward to having family visit as well.  What is y'alls plans for the summer?  

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