Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Liberty's walking & Fall is here!!

Liberty has been teasing us with walking for a couple weeks now.  I really thought she would have been walking already, but she has decided to take her ol' sweet time {she just turned a year at the end of August}.  I say it is official, because every time I would put her down today, she would take off.  There was one time she walked nearly the full length of the living room and my bedroom....she couldn't be stopped!  Another time I put her down in the living room, walked into the kitchen and looked behind me and there she was following me!  She is such a little stinker!  She is so happy and excited about walking, it makes me happy!  Watch out world, here she comes!!
I am also so giddy about the weather!!  We had a boat load of rain over the weekend, and today was glorious!  The whole family stepped out this evening for a delightful walk.  There was definitely a hint of fall in the air.  It was just wonderful.  This is my favorite time of the year!

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