Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Quiet on the homefront...

Yes, it's been kind of quiet on the home front.  Not a lot to blog about.  We did start school last week and Liberty is taking a few steps now.  It seems like it happened over night, and she is kicking into gear!  If you stand her up she takes off like a rocket, except she usually ends up on her face after 3 or 4 steps.  She could very well be walking by the time she turns 13 months next week.

Another reason I haven't had much time to blog lately is because I am trying to get a head start on making Christmas gifts this year.  I started way too late last year and it made for some stressful days, to say the least.  So, hopefully I've started in plenty of time to get things done in a timely fashion!  My mind is also running over with ideas that I hope I can make some sense of without getting too overwhelmed!  I'm sure I'll post pictures eventually. 

If you haven't noticed, I've also taken most of the links off the front page of my blog.  If you'll look at the top of the page, I have a button with "links" on it that will take you to a separate page with links to all the blogs that I like to frequent.  If there is one you think I should add, feel free to comment or drop me a line.

So, if you've wondered what's been going on in our neck of the woods, wonder no more!  I'll try not to be so scarce from now on....


  1. That is a good picture of you and Liberty. I will e-mail you my list so you can laugh at how much I think I am going to actually do because it is ridiculous.

  2. Thanks Gretchen! I will be looking forward to seeing your list.....then maybe I can put mine into perspective a little better! Mine is such a jumbled up mess right now :)