Saturday, April 9, 2011

My favorite boy in all the world!

9 years ago this time, I was in labor with our 6th child.  Our previous 5 pregnancies had all been girls, so the odds were for us having a 6th.  BUT, I still had that hope in the back of my head that THIS one could be HIM.  I had a few mild contractions throughout the day, but nothing to speak of, and around 7:00 that evening the contractions started in a little stronger.  He was born at home at 9:50 that night.  Yes, I said HE!  My mother was able to attend this birth and she was the first one to yell out, "it's a BOY!"  We were all in tears!  Even my midwife....who had "caught" 4 of my previous babies, was boohooing along with us.  It was such a memorable occasion.   Since then, we have had 2 more girls....{no more boys} I have told him, since he is our only boy, that he is my favorite boy in all the world, and he would tell me that I was his favorite mom in all the world.  He is my little sweetheart and I can't thank God enough for blessing him into our lives!  Happy Birthday Reb!

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