Saturday, July 2, 2011

So much to tell!

First things first...Our oldest daughter Rachel turned 17 yesterday.

Umm...wasn't  I  17  just yesterday?  

Talk about weird.  

Anyway, we are so proud of her.  She has become quite the Godly young lady.  I don't think there is anything she can't do.  She is truly as beautiful inside as she is on the outside.  I can hardly believe she is 17 already.  The years have flown by SO fast!  I can still remember the day my water broke...just like it was yesterday.  Life is such a vapor...
We are so thankful God brought her into our lives!
Our children are such a blessing to us!

News #2....We are moving!  And I am so excited!  And SO very thankful!
God answered our prayers above and beyond anything we could have ever dreamed!
I am still in awe at the way God worked it out.  There is no question that it was an act of God.  I am so thankful for His goodness and His kindness towards his children. As soon as possible, I will be posting pictures.

Have a Great Independence Day!

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