Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Have camera, will travel

Most of the time my blog-posting-spree is chaotic. As much as I dislike chaos, you would think I would have a little more order to my posting, and at the very least, a somewhat chaotic-order!  I seem to work better if I have a plan, and that's what I'd like to do with my blog....have a plan.  I don't want it to become boring and mundane, but at the same time, I want to know what to expect....even if it is unexpected..? Am I making any sense?  Maybe I'll come up with something.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Here is a picture I took on Liberty's birthday (last month) and I think it sums up what her favorite gift was...CHOCOLATE!  She had us laughing hysterically that day!  She would open up a gift and bring it directly to me and move on to the next one....but when she got to the chocolate, she sat on the floor savoring every bite!  It was quite comical let me tell you!  She is always making us laugh!

Her latest venture is photography...Yep, you heard me correctly, she just turned 2 and she's an aspiring photographer!  A while back, one of our daughters received my old digital camera and in turn gave me their (really) old one.  Instead of letting it sit on my desk any longer, I decided to let Liberty play around with it (she is always asking to see her sister's pictures on their camera's).  Little did we know she would actually do something with it!  It is so funny to watch!  She has really been paying close attention to her sisters when they are taking pictures because she mimics them to a "T"!  She even has self-portraits down pat.  And if that isn't enough, she has figured out the video mode, and she took a video of herself, dancing....I'm telling you, she is a character.  There is never a dull moment at our house.  Here are a few of her pictures...unedited so you can see her skeeels!

A few of Liberty's Self-Portraits

Mom Mom and DaDa
Notice, I have no chin...

This is a good one of Clara Mae

This is downtown on our evening walk

And this is what is most funny...she took the camera to the store and took pictures of "candy" and the "big spider".  Also notice, it took her a while to remember to take her finger off the lens, but she's getting the hang of it!
And all these were taken by our 2 year old Liberty.  Do you think she has what it takes to be a good photographer?  I know I was impressed!

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