Thursday, August 23, 2012

Grace is 17!

We have been moved now for about a month and a half.  Things are starting to get back into the "normal" routine again.  Although, it feels like things will never be the "normal" as we once knew it.  But, life moves on, and so do we!

Grace is our last one in the family to have a birthday this year. (our immediate family)  I like how our birthdays end at the close of summer, that way it gives me time to start thinking about Christmas...Notice I said "thinking".  Not "working towards".  Although, one of these days maybe I can actually start working towards it sooner than I usually do.

She is 17 this year.  I'm not supposed to have children who are 17, 18...getting ready to get married in just a short time.  But alas, I am. And she is.  Not getting married...that's the 18 year old. ;)

She is our Gabby Lu.  She is so friendly, smiles at everyone she meets.  She was my first baby born at home, and a very good birth it was.  So glad the Lord intrusted us with her.  Love ya, Gracie!

This picture is of me and Grace on her birthday...and of course Liberty had to show herself in the background...sticking out her tongue.  haha!
Happy Birthday, Gracie!   

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  1. Hi there -- Congrats on all the good family news you bring! I've been a long-time reader of Rachel's blog. She has been such an inspiration to me, and I have terribly missed her posts. So, it is with great joy that I hear that she's engaged to be married! I do not want to pry into family business but as a sister Christian, I would love to see her tell some of this part of her journey on her blog so that her readers can help support her through prayer in this big life transition and rejoice with her from afar. I'm not quite sure that Rachel understands the impact has blog has had on me and what I'm sure is countless others -- not only in the Christian wisdom she displays that is beyond her years, but also with her excellent writing, poetry, and photography. Thanks, and God bless. -- Kristi