Monday, October 6, 2008

Its been 1 year!

I know its been awhile. Things have finally started to slow down.....a little. We have had a very busy summer, and year for that matter. The Lord has blessed us with 1 year at McDonald Baptist Church, and I pray that we are blessed with many more to come. It has truely been a great year!

The kids started school in August, and we sent them to Trinity for the first month, but unfortunately we were unable to keep it up. So, we are back to homeschooling again! It has really been an eye opener for me though. I thought that taking them to school was going to be a help but it turned out to be rather hectic. I am actually enjoying homeschooling again! I didn't realize what a joy it is to be home! The kids have taken it pretty well too.
They took the CAT test last week, and they did very well. Rachel actually scored 10th grade level on all subjects and College level in Language! Overall, I was very pleased! I thank the Lord for the wonderful kids He has given to us!
This month is World Hunger month. It is hard for us to fathom in our land of plenty, that there are actually people in the world who are starving. I pray that this month would make us more mindful of other's needs and that we would put others before ourselves as Christ has commanded.
James will be preaching revival at Little Horse Creek Baptist Church at the end of this month. We are excited! This will be his first revival since we moved to Georgia, and we are looking forward to it. James preached an excellent sermon Sunday morning stating the effects that revival will have on our lives; it will cause us to seek after God, seek to make Him Lord over all,
By the way, there is a new show on Fox News Channel on Saturday and Sunday nights at 8 pm EST. It is the Mike Huckabee Show. We watched it last night, and I am glad that he is able to be on national tv and express his views. Keep up the good work, Huckabee!
I hope everyone gets the chance to see the new movie Fireproof. It will have a dramatic effect on your life, I promise you that! If you know of anyone who is struggling in their marriage, please take them to see it, because I believe God is going to use this movie to change lives. It is a must see!!

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