Wednesday, April 8, 2009

22 Weeks & Counting.....

I know, I's been way too long. But hey, I'm pregnant with #8, so cut me some slack!! :) Life is good, (the Braves are off to a great start!!) but it has also been busy. As is alot of you, we are gearing up for Easter this week. This Saturday we are having a Resurrection Celebration & Egg hunt for the kids at church. Gotta get busy stuffing eggs!! It will be lots of fun!
As most of you have heard, we are having another girl (unless of course they are wrong, imagine that!). But with our record, you only have a 1/7 chance to be boy in our family!!! Sorry Reb!
We enjoyed our visit with my sister and my mom during spring break. We even got to enjoy a little bit of the beach, although it was pretty chilly that day! It was a good day for my mom, she loves the ocean!
Our oldest daughter Rachel, won Teen Volunteer of the Year at the Nursing Home in our town. We go once a month as a family and sing and play our instruments for the residents. It is such a blessing to see the delight on their faces. We also enjoyed our hometown parade last Saturday, and Rachel was able to ride in a float and throw candy, (much to the delight of the kids)! We are trying to get our other children involved in playing instruments as well, but some of them can't make up their mind what to play. Reb is interested in playing the guitar, so that is what we bought him for his birthday. Rachel and Grace are also interested in playing the guitar too, and are picking up on it quite well. So, hopefully we will have a whole band soon!
We have had ups and downs over the past several months, but God is still good, and He has great things in store! Until next time......God bless!

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